Ken Hama
Ken Hama is a documentary filmmaker who studied film and video at the Vancouver Film School. He is currently producing a documentary about Zambian "Sport for Development" NGOs working in the underdeveloped communities of Lusaka. He works as a professional videographer and studio lighting operator in Toronto's television industry. He can be reached at khamaATsympatico.ca.

Naomi Matsuura
Naomi Matsuura is a professional engineer with a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto in the field of nanostructured materials. She has worked at several research laboratories, including Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, Chalk River Laboratories, and CSIRO (Australia). Naomi can be reached at naomiATknhproductions.ca.

Selva Nair
Selva Nair is a nanotechnology theorist at the University of Toronto Energenius Centre for Nanotechnology. He has worked on nanotechnology projects at the NTT Basic Research Labs, the Japan Science and Technology Corporation, and the US National Renewable Energy Labs. He is an author of over 50 publications in leading journals. Selva can be reached at selvaATmailaps.org.