One nanometer is tens of thousands of times smaller than the width of a human hair or 500 times smaller than the wavelength of visible light.

Within the past 20 years, the development of tools to manipulate objects on the nanometer scale gave scientists a great power to create new materials with unusual properties, atom-by-atom.

This new field is called Nanotechnology.

Sensationalized through science fiction and the media nanotechnology is often misunderstood by the general public.

Will nano-sized robots perform molecular surgeries? Will self-replicating nanostructure help clean the environment or destroy the planet?

"N is for Nanotechnology" is a 30 minute documentary exploring the hypes, hopes and facts of this fascinating field as seen through the eyes of award-winning scientists, industry leaders and writers.

Are Dental Implants for You?

Dental implants have made an impact in many patients' lives all over the world. professionals that provides dental implants to the local residents. People who have lost a tooth due to several factors resort to dental implants.

A dental implant refers to an artificial replacement of the tooth root. These implants are positioned in the jaw and once surgically positioned, it appears almost invisible. It is an option for people who want to replace their lost tooth as a result from injury, periodontal disease or other causes. Implants are used to secure bridge, crowns or dentures.

Implants are made out of strong, lightweight, titanium that is biocompatible to your body. Titanium is the most widely used in dental and other kinds of medical procedures such as bone and joint implants. It is comforting to know that dental implants have the highest success rate compared to any other implanted surgical device.

This practice entails proper planning, expertise in surgery and tooth restoration. A visit to your professional SE dentist Calgary will help you discuss your options if dental implant is suitable for you. An ideal candidate must maintain a good oral health.

Dentist and Periodontist Teamwork

Since dental implants require sufficient bone support, patients must have healthy gum tissues with no trace of periodontal disease. Gum tissues directly affect the underlying bone structure in our mouth. Dental implants allow dentists and periodontists to collaborate and work on a patient together.

These experts can identify where the implants should be placed depending on the condition of your teeth and gums and the type of implant you are going to use. Your dentist and periodontist will then come up with a plan based on your condition and needs. Both have special training and skills to help the patient receive the best treatment possible.

When we lose a tooth, we also lose the bone supporting that same tooth. Here's where dental implants come in. It helps stabilize the bone to prevent loss, maintains the shape and density of your jawbone, and supports the facial structure. Dental implants not only promotes physical appearance but also boosts your psychological well-being as well.

If you lose a single tooth, your dentist can fix it with one crown. On the other hand, if you lose several teeth, they can be replaced by implant-supported full bridges. In case you lose all your teeth, your dentist can provide you with full dentures as a replacement. You can consult these options with your SE dentist Calgary expert.

One factor that determines a successful implant is the quality and quantity of the bone structure which will support the implant. The upper back jaw is one of the most challenging areas to place an implant especially since it is closely located to the sinus, at the same time this location has inadequate bone support. This issue can be addressed through sinus augmentation where the sinus floor is elevated while developing the bone to support the dental implant.

Irregularities in the upper and lower jaw can also produce insufficient bone support. To address this dilemma, the gum is raised away from the ridge to uncover the bone deficiency. The deficiency is the filled with bone substitute to build up the ridge. This is called ridge modification which improves the appearance and helps the success in dental implants.